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The Top Five Reasons to Franchise with Relocators
From its four distinct services that enable franchisees to tap into multiple revenue streams to its strong support system and friendly environment, the brand offers its local owners a one of a kind opportunity to get in on the ground level of an emerging concept that’s backed by recession-resistant demand.

When you ask consumers what one of the most stressful life experiences is, they often respond with the same answer: moving. Whether you’re downsizing, sorting through the belongings of a loved one who has passed on or simply relocating to a new neighborhood or home, there’s a seemingly endless number of boxes that need to be packed—and checked off—before a move can officially take place. That’s why more and more people are turning to Relocators for help.  

The Syosett, New York-based full-service moving company goes above and beyond the competition by offering its customers four distinct services, ultimately filling a previously glaring gap in the industry. By handling moving, clean-outs, estate sales and storage, Relocators serves as a one-stop shop for people facing the challenges associated with leaving an old home behind. And consumers aren’t the only ones with the potential to benefit from the brand’s model. It’s also incredibly attractive to prospective franchisees.

As Relocators breaks into the franchising industry, the brand is offering aspiring business owners the opportunity to get in on the ground level of the innovative concept driving the moving segment forward. And its growth potential doesn’t end there. These are the top five reasons to become a Relocators franchisee.

1. Demand in the Recession-Resistant Moving and Relocating Industries is Climbing

Regardless of the state of the economy, consumers across the country are always going to be moving from home to home, or cleaning out their current spaces and arranging estate sales. That means that Relocators franchisees have the ability to tap into consistent demand among consumers for their unique moving services, ultimately adding to their bottom lines. And that demand is only expected to increase—as more baby boomers begin to downsize and millennials move into their first homes, they’re going to be looking for the best brand to fit their moving needs.

“There’s no doubt that it’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry, especially with Relocators. There are more potential customers out there than ever before, and we’re positioned to capitalize on that opportunity for growth,” said Robert Esposito, founder and president of Relocators. “Our focus on providing exceptional customer service and completing jobs both on time and on budget will continue to separate us from the competition.”

2. Relocators’ Four Distinct Services Enable Franchisees to Tap into Previously Unreached Customers and Multiple Revenue Streams

By offering moving, clean out, estate sale and storage services, Relocators brings more to the table than traditional moving companies. And customers aren’t the only ones who are able to benefit from that diversity. Franchisees who sign on to open up their own Relocators franchise will be able to tap into multiple revenue streams, which will then allow them to grow their businesses at a faster pace.

“One day we’ll be moving the most prized possessions in your home, and the next we’ll be cleaning out the attic or basement that you haven’t seen in 30 years. We offer a full range of services—we really have something for everybody,” said Esposito. “Everything that our clients need to be done throughout the moving process can be handled with just one phone call, which makes us completely unique. That’s a competitive advantage that other franchisees in this space don’t have access to.”

3. The Brand Offers a Proven and Affordable Business Model That’s Easy to Scale

Because Relocators boasts multiple revenue streams, it’s simple for franchisees to scale their businesses and expand into new territories. And the brand provides its owners with a system that has already been proven to be successful, which means that there’s no need for them to reinvent the wheel as they get their location off the ground. Relocators also makes its franchise opportunity incredibly affordable for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to become business owners. Its startup costs range from $127,488 to $199,220, including a $25,000 or $50,000 franchise fee.

4. Opportunities for Growth Are Available in Key Markets

Not only is Relocators’ franchise opportunity affordable, it’s also available in key development markets across the country. Right now, the brand is actively targeting communities near its headquarters in New York and New Jersey for growth. By franchising close to home, Relocators’ corporate team will be on hand to support its owners as they learn the ins and outs of the business. But as the brand continues to grow, there’s no limit to where its franchisees can open up their doors for business.

“Our position as an emerging franchise means that we can break into major markets without hesitation. We don’t have the limitations that other brands often run into after selling out a specific territory,” said Esposito. “By partnering with the right franchisees who share our passion for the Relocators brand, we’re confident that we’ll be able to thrive in new communities as soon as we establish a strong presence.”

5. Relocators Boasts a Strong Support System and Friendly Environment

At its core, Relocators is a family brand. In fact, Esposito was inspired to launch the concept after seeing his mother make a difference in people’s lives with her estate sale company Sisters in Charge. Esposito helped his mother grow the business, and saw that there was a disconnect between consumers’ moving needs and the options being presented to them. That’s why he created Relocators in an effort to continue supporting the local community around him as they took on the moving process.

Now, he plans to extend that supportive environment to his customers and franchisees, especially as the brand’s first owners launch their concepts. From real estate selection and marketing tactics to general operations and best practices, Esposito and Relocators’ corporate team will be there to guide franchisees throughout the entire business ownership process. And it’s clear that by following that guide, local owners will be able to make a lasting impact on the lives of its clients while making a living.

“I first heard about Relocators through its estate sale brand, Sisters in Charge. My husband and I were moving from New York to Hawaii, and we needed help selling, organizing and storing our belongings,” said Jacqueline Stoecker, a Relocators customer. “Relocators made the entire process incredibly easy. It was an emotional time for me—giving up your home isn’t an easy thing to go. But everyone on the brand’s team handled the situation with such professionalism and kindness that it became appositive experience.”